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By ATraxBeats on Feb 14, 2013 in General - 0 Comments

Whats good everybody. I wanna start this blog off by welcoming you to my official website, ATraxProductions.com. this is going to be my first post of hopefully a few this week. This first post is basically just an introduction.

First off, I’m kind of just winging this whole blog thing. I know nothing about blogging and I don’t have any set plans for it. I’m just gonna see where it takes me and go with it.

that being said, let’s get into the thick of it all

Depending on how you came across this page you might not know exactly who I am. My name is Charles Ward, I am a 21 year old coming out of Baltimore Maryland and I produce instrumentals under the alias of Uncle Charles, ATraxx, and a few others. but that’s enough of that.

The reason for this blog is simple: to help to get my name out there, promote my music/other good music, share my strange views on things, and to pass on any useful information i can give to upcoming artists, and most likely some other very random things seeing that my mind is kind of out there at times. You’ll just have to check back periodically to see.

I guess that’s it for now, I’ll figure out what to post up next, give me a few minutes, hours, days? who knows. .It will come to me. I hope i have made you feel comfortable enough on this website to bookmark it, and if i did then peace out for now..

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