v2.0 is here!

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I have finally finished upgrading the site after a bunch of work. Any beats that are purchased will now be immediately sent to your email address upon payment.  I can also now post up downloadable beats, and in honor of that I’ve posted my first FREE beat. You can download it here and use it however you wish.

If you record something to it send me the finished product for the chance to be featured on the site.

Mad New Beats/Albums Uploaded!

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I’ve recently just uploaded about 250+ new beats that you may listen to and/or purchase on the homepage. I’ve also uploaded 7 instrumental albums that you may stream/purchase on the Albums page.

DistorTed RealiTy out now!!

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I have just dropped my 10th official Instrumental album ‘DistorTed Reality’

You can stream the album below or on my bandcamp page , or buy it now for $7.

For you artists out there: I am offering for a limited time only leasing rights to ONE beat of YOUR CHOICE for free with our purchase of the album.


ATrax Productions – DistorTed ReaLity (2013)


Sample Sundays #6

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Been listening to alot of library records lately, so this week i brought y’all a sample from the De Wolfe Music Library. Happy Flipping.

Sample Sundays #5

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been neglecting this blog lately due to me dealing with some health problems, but im back with another Sample Sunday. This weeks sample is  Airto Moreira – Uri (Wind). If you flip it feel free to post your version as a comment

We’re Back! Sample Sundays #4

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I’ve been gone for a couple weeks but i’m back with another sample for y’all to flip. This weeks track is By Singer Coco Mbassi. Flip Away!

Lack of Updates, NEW Remix!

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I apologize for the lack of updates lately, I fucked up my right hand and have to get surgery on it soon so Ive been trying to limit my activity lately, plus doing things with only your non dominant hand gets kind of tedious. I expect to get back in the swing of things within the next week or two though, and i will be back with Sample Sundays either this weekend or next weekend. As my apology, here is a new Remix of ‘ the Demigodz – Dead In The Middle, off of their new Killmatic album that i wasn’t planning on dropping yet, but since i cant really make any new music at the moment, i might as well drop some shit Ive already made.

Demigodz (Ryu, Celph Titled, Apathy)  Dead In The Middle (Prod. By ATrax Productions)

Sample Sundays #3

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I almost forgot today was Sunday. Im back with week 3 of Sample Sundays. This week’s sample from an Italian movie score by Riz Ortolani.

Sample Sundays #2

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I’m back with week 2 of Sample Sundays. This week i have a 80’s new wave sample for ya’ll. Theres many different parts of this song i can hear being used. I intend to give this one a flip after studying for these tests this week. Hope to hear some flips.

Sample Sundays #1

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Here is the first post to my Sample Sunday Series. I will be posting a random sample from my collection every sunday for you producers out there looking for something to flip. The first sample i have for yall is from a Swedish dark ambient group Atrium Carceri. Any producers out there that give this a go feel free to post up your flips. I might try and come up with something if i get some free time this week.

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