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My name is ATrvXx and i am a beat junkie. now that i feel like I’m in an AA meeting here we go.

ATrvXx is an Urban Music Producer/Entrepreneur out of Baltimore Maryland. My addiction began when i was 14 and i heard Bob James’s “Nautilus” for the first time. So many parts of that song sounded familiar even though i had never heard it before. I recognized bits and pieces from about 5 hip hop songs that i knew off the top of my head and i realized they all chopped up this same song and turned it into 5 completely different sounding beats. This is when i discovered sampling and chopping records and it was all uphill from there. As soon as i heard that song something clicked in my head and i immediately wanted to learn how to make my own beats. I started buying and hording mass amounts of records and i found out about FL Studio and taught myself the ins and outs of the program staying up for days at a time in a trance-like state. I taught myself how to make beats from scratch as well and add my own sounds to records playing by ear with no formal music training. Once i thought my beats were good enough i began networking and working with local artists in the DMV area as well as some artists in New York, California, Texas, Detroit, and Atlanta and other places, as well as a few countries overseas.

In these days where everyone and there momma has a cracked version of FL studio and makes cookie cutter trap beats. ATrvXx Productions is dedicated to producing good music with some heart and soul in it. I am dedicated to helping music artists pursue their passion as i am trying to do the same thing. I provide artists with professional quality beats for their recordings and in these tough economic times I realize it is more important than ever to help artists create high quality projects at an affordable rate, so we offer 2 different leasing options to fit anyone’s budget. I know an artist’s gift is bringing great music to the world and spreading their message. ATrax Productions wants to provide you with the best possible beats that will showcase your talent to the world.

Do you wish to become a successful rap artist? Your dreams of success in the music industry are attainable. When you buy rap beats from the online store at ATraxProductions.com you are taking the first steps toward your success in the music industry, and the first step is always the most important.

I now have accumulated a pretty massive beat catalog so i created this website to provide upcoming artists with some hot beats for their projects and to hopefully network with other like-minded individuals. I am always in search of artists that are a good fit to my style to collab with so if you think you are and are serious about your craft don’t hestitate to contact me. I will be adding new beats to the site on a regular basis so be sure to check back frequently to be one of the first ones to hear the freshest beats.

Have a good time on this website and make sure you subscribe to the newsletter and follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.

Contact:  atraxbeats@gmail.com if you have any further questions or use the Contact Page to send  a message!

Best Regards,
Charles Ward
(Founder) ATrvXx Productions

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